Advertisements play in today’s society a crucial role. As author Anika Hashem (2016) remarks “besides helping businesses sell products, advertisements often reflect the general beliefs of their time period.” In the 60s they intensively publicized the kitchen as a female domain. The Liberation of the Kitchen offers a new perspective by promoting a liberation from the domestic space itself.

An accurate article by Atelier Kite discusses how we are living in outdated housing models

Learn more about the Frankfurt Kitchen in this music video by Robert Rotifer.


A couple installs an original Frankfurt Kitchen in their contemporary apartment! 

Aesop designs a new shop inspired by Frankfurt Kitchen.

The work behind the IKEA induction hob.

"...a forest of pipes that end in taps, shouwers, spouts, overflows. Against the sky a lavabo's white stands out, or a bathtub, or some other porcelain, like late fruit still hanging from the boughs."  

Italo Calvino