Even though it is a DIY PROJECT, some shopping is involved to make it a complete equipped functional kitchen. The shopping list includes:

- 2 induction hobs from IKEA. It contains many effective characteristics, but being affordable, functional and energy efficient are most important!

- 1 mini fridge obtained through Commodity Market on Facebook. It was only 30 Euros and it is on excellent conditions.

- Paint. Paint is one of the most important aspects of this project since it contains an important meaning. The chosen color is exactly the same one as one of the models of the revolutionary Frankfurt kitchen designed in 1926 by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. It became the first well known model of the built-in kitchen that is now prevalent in the western world. Since it was a milestone in the history of the layout of the domestic space, I decided to use its color as a tribute. The liberation of the kitchen project is a contemporary revolution that attempts to do what the Frankfurt did in its time.

All the metal parts will be painted on this color scheme. I bought 3 cans of spray paint with following the NCS code: S2040B10G NCS (The NCS standard is unique because it is based entirely on the perception of colors (how eyes naturally see red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black). Don´t forget to buy 2 cans of primer. 

For the wood, I will be using water sealed lacquer with a satin finish. Don´t forget to buy a paint roller and other painting accessories!

-Casters. The wheels are an extremely important item of this project. One of the main specifications is that they should fit the 2x2 cm steel tube. Luckily there is a wide variety. The ones I chose are these ones, which can hold up until 35 KG. Also their size is very convenient since they shouldn't exceed 5 cm of height. 

- And the final purchase was the garden hose. I bought 5 meters of hose, and in the same shop you can easily find the rest of accesories to create the ball valve faucet.