The garbage units are mean to be able to recycle by separating disposals in three sections:

  • Food waste
  • Paper
  • Plastics

Of course you can use this units not only for the disposals of food preparation, but of any other activity within the domestic space. The only things needed to make living green easier are:

  • 3 flower pot cut on half. I used these ones from Dille & Kamille.
  • 1 hand metal saw
  • 1 sewing kit
  • 1 FRAKTA IKEA shopping bag
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Double side tape
  • 1 ruler

The first step is to cut the flower pots in half with the metal saw. I used a clamp to make it easier. Slowly move the metal saw back and forth until they become unattached. Repeat the same process on the other flower pots.

The second step is to cut the IKEA bag in three sections of 45 cm x 35.

With the double side tape, attach the top part of the IKEA bag into the flower put, and then sew by hand the two pieces together. A longer stitch length is recommended, since a short stitch can weaken the vinyl and it could rip between the stitches. Using the flower put as a stencil, cut a circumference and then sew it together to the first part.