On day 3 and 4 things started to get in shape! 

Day 3 consisted mainly in cutting the pieces on wood. The blueprints come in an order that optimizes the cutting process by placing pieces of the same size next to each other. When cutting wood is important to take into account every milimeter in order to obtain precision and a successful outcome.

For cutting the wood a professional wood cutting machine was employed. 45ª degree angles were introduced in the corners to obtain a cleaner look. Before joining the pieces together it was important to obtain a smooth surface which was possible with a sanding machine.

Different procedures for joining the pieces were put into experimentation. The most successful result was obtained with a wood staple gun which drives 7/16-inch crown staples from 1-2inch in length. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to handle this machine. A good option would be to rent one, since now a days there are so many resources available that facilitate a collaborative consumption of goods.



-Plywood of 18 mm

-Wood glue

-Wood cutting machine

-Sanding machine

-Wood staple gun

-1 tape measure

-1 ruler and pencil

-Steel cutting machine

*You are building at your own risk and you should have an understanding of general building before you attempt to build.  As you build, contribute to our community by sharing your progress, ideas and pictures to the site or social media with the hashtag #Liberationofthekitchen