Construction Day 2


Today was all about steel.

Before heading to the metal workshop, I visited a local hardware store to find the correct hinges for the drawers. In the images you can find the ideal hinge.

Complementing the plywood parts, steel components are an addition that not only allows stability and structure, but also adds aesthetic values. Before starting to cut it is really important to have in hand all of the measurements (which you can find on the blueprints) so the cutting process can be done more efficiently.  

The steel parts used are:  20 x 20 mm square tube and 24 x 24 mm square tubes. All you need is a cutting machine that allows 90º and 45º cuts into the steel.


-3 units of 0.02x0.02x3 m square steel tube

-1 unit of 0.024x0.024x3 m square steel tube

-1 tape measure

-1 ruler and pencil

-Steel cutting machine

*You are building at your own risk and you should have an understanding of general building before you attempt to build.  As you build, contribute to our community by sharing your progress, ideas and pictures to the site or social media with the hashtag #Liberationofthekitchen