After many days of designing, today was the official day of the beginning of the construction! On this blog, I will be sharing the most important insights in the process of building the liberated kitchen.

The first step was to make sure there was enough material in the storehouse so the process could be more efficient. The materials being used are meant to be accesible and not to hard to find: plywood, steel tubes and easy to use machines. One of the premises of the project is to engage with conventional and common resources to make it possible to engage with a larger audience. It also allows the personification of it, according to the lifestyle of each user.

The main material to liberate the kitchen is 18 mm plywood, which usually is found in a size of 2.44 x 1 .22 m. According to today´s calculations, 7 planks of plywood are enough for the complete construction. 

I will begin with module # 1 , which includes the area for the cooktops and storage for appliances. Since three of the components of module # 1 are the same size, it saves time and material to do them simultaneously.

As intimidating as working with wood for beginners the most important is to just get started. It is rare for this time, in the era of convenience and instant gratification, where everything is ready for us to take amongst the thousands of options available, to engage ourselves to build our own furniture. One of the many impetus of this project us to reengage people with physical products by making this project by themselves. With advances in technology, machines become more user friendly and offer infinite possibilities for non experts presenting the opportunity to reevaluate and examine the concepts of craftsmanship.  


- Wood cutting machine

- Sanding paper and sander

- Drill for 0.45 m holes

-Wood Router

- Tape measure

WORDS OF THE DAY: Precision, attention to details, M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N

*You are building at your own risk and you should have an understanding of general building before you attempt to build.  As you build, contribute to our community by sharing your progress, ideas and pictures to the site or social media with the hashtag #Liberationofthekitchen